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Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Your  morning cup of tea or coffee worked as an energy drink. Both of this are very sensitive and require protection against the oxygen, moisture, water, light, etc.,… Not only tea or coffee required protection but the  حبوب القهوة (coffee beans), tea leaf, roasted coffee also required protection.  Wide range of material is available in the market for the packaging of tea and coffee.

Tea packaging:

I love all the things related to the tea , its maybe a tea cup, tea leaf or اكياس للشاى (tea bags). Tea requires protection against the light and moisture. Foil packaging is for the tea leaf which has a strong flavor or aroma.  To protect the aroma special air lock plastic bags as well as paper bags are available. Plastic bags are working as a barrier against the oxygen and moisture. If the air is mixed with the tea then , its loss the flavor of tea.  So, if we want garden fresh tea every morning then best  tea packaging  is the best solution.  There are many types of creative packaging designs is available in the market like:  Cigarette tea bags (which look like a real cigarette),  Ineeka tea bags ( cool tea bags with paper arms), tPod tea bags ( small paper boat is attached to a tea bag) , tea sticks ( tea bags for those who do not make their tea in the kitchen) , herbal tea bags, hanger tea bags, etc.…

Coffee packaging:

Same as a tea , coffee is also a sensitive item. Coffee needs a protection against the air, pollution, moisture, heat, light, etc.…. To protect coffee , it will packed in اكياس القهوة (coffee bags). Because of  Coffee bags, we have  fresh and healthy coffee every day.  High barrier plastic bag, paper bags  with one side valve gives the protection against the oxygen and moisture  and  keeps the coffee fresh for long periods.The degassing valve does not allow the oxygen inside the bag and its also out the co2.  There are many types of coffee bags : Gusseted bags, central seal gusset bags,    side  seal gusset  bags , Quad seal bags,  stand up coffee bags , Flat pouches and burlap coffee bags, but the purpose is same that is coffee packaging.


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