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  • Coffee Bags

    Coffee Bags

    To protect the sensitive coffee, different types of the coffee bags is available. It is may be clear bag, oval window, rectangle window, printed bags.It is also available in divese colors.

  • Paper Bags

    Paper Bags

    Paper bags is used to wrap the dry fruits, organic food, pet food ,spices,etc.. It is flexible as well as light weight. It is also a biodegredable bags. It is also used as a designer bag in fashion world.

  • Food Bags

    Food Bags

    For the food Transpotation food bags is required. It feel likes the heaven at a time of journey. Food bags mobilize the food freshly and securely.

  • Rice Bags

    Rice Bags

    This type of bags is used to store the huge amount of item. The item which occupied more space , for that to save the space rice bag is used . In which pasta, rice, potato chips ,beans, etc...

  • Pet Food Bags

    Pet Food Bags

    Foods for the Dog, cat, birds are packed in the pet food bags. This is a special type of plastic bags with high resistivity and high quality preservatives. Beacuse of this bags the freshness of the pet food is increased.

  • Candy Packaging

    Candy packaging

    To save the chocalate from the external factors like Fair, water, moisture, oxygen, bacteria , we need to wrap the chocalate. for that candy packaging is used. wrapper is available in different style, size and printing labels.

Monday, 2 December 2013

Coffee bags: How can you use them?

Posted by kentmiller On 21:24 3 comments

Consumption of the coffee is increasing throughout the whole world, Because of that اكياس البن (coffee bags) are very popular. Two types of coffee bags are available : bigger ones called burlap sacks and smaller, single serve sizes. For imagination how they look then think of tea bags, They look pretty same as tea bags. You can use such a coffee bag to brew an individual coffee. It has enough strength to protect coffee against the hot water. Some people are putting the bags in water and as a result coffee has a better aroma than the using just the coffee on its own.

Burlap coffee bags are used for the coffee transportation from one place to a different, from the farmer to the provider or warehouse. They're sometimes white, cream or brown in color and have distinctive and enticing texture on that. The design of the bag is eye catching. It takes the immeasurable pressure because of that it's very popular with the coffee exporters. These larger bags will hold a lot of coffee in them, like 60-70 kg in one go. There are out there in small size contains the 0.5 a pound to 5 pounds. They're originally utilized by coffee farmers and as they need an ideal air penetration, they unleash an excellent coffee aroma long when they're now not used.

If you are a coffee producer you might be interested in attractive bags for coffee packaging, then visit . it will give you more information regarding the packaging.

Friday, 8 November 2013

Beverage bag: world of beverage

Posted by kentmiller On 03:48 2 comments

Beverages are a one type of liquid, which is especially for the humans. It is available in different format like plain water, alcoholic, non alcoholic, soft drink, fruit and vegetable juice, hot drink like hot chocolate and many others. In all over the world consumption of the beverages is a tradition. In different places the choice of beverages is different. It is also depends on the occasion on which it was consumed.

Beverage Bag
In alcoholic drink ethanol is a main ingredient. It is consumed in a local bar or pub. In non alcoholic drink little or no ethanol. It contains 0.5% alcohol by volume. In this category low alcohol beer, non alcoholic wine, apple cider. The soft drink is exactly opposite to the hard drink or drink. It also does not contain alcohol. Lemonade, fruit punch, hot chocolate, milkshake, iced tea is a type of the soft drink. Fruit juice is a natural product. It is also a good for our health. Many juice like orange juice, grapefruit juice, pineapple, apple, grape, lime and lemon juice and many other flavored are available. Coconut water is a highly nutritious and refreshing juice. Same as a fruit juice we also consumed vegetable juice. It is also made by the carrot, tomatoes, cucumbers, celery and many more. Hot drink is a drink which is served heated. Coffee, cappuccino, mocha, hot chocolate, hot cider, green tea, pearl milk tea are the types of the beverages.

Now a day, people preferring the Prepacked good things. These days, people prefer to obtain packed beverages bag . That reduces the energy of making juice and save the time. The Prepacked things are gaining more importance these days that everybody appears to be shopping for them and their production has inflated ten folds since modernization of the society. As people of late have terribly less time for alternative things instead of work, thus they like these able to drink things instead of creating them on their own. اكياس المشروبات (Beverage bag) is on the market in several size and shapes which magnetize the individuals.

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